Raw Chocolate Cream

Raw Chocolate Cream

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Raw/eatable cream for daily use on face and body. Feeds the skin with photochemical from raw dark eatable chocolate, walnut and almond oil. Stimulates the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction due to presents of chocolate aroma. – For all skin types.

What is Raw Chocolate Cream ?

Smooth everyday cream made with cocoa butter as main ingredient. It contains two part one with real chocolate and walnuts and other with vanilla extract, shea butter and coconut.It contains real eatable raw chocolate pieces in combination with cocoa butter and vanilla extract. Your skin after
this treatment will be soft sweet and shiny, with a sweet odor of chocolate and vanilla.The smell of chocolate increase both alpha and beta brain activity – stimulates relaxation and satisfaction. The theromonomy of chocolate will increase circulation, and walnut and almond oil will moisture the
skin. A must have product for daily use.

How to use

Apply on clean skin with circular movements. (just as any other cream).


Cera Carnauba, Theobroma cacao (cacao butter), Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter),
Cocos nucifera oil, Prunus dulcis oil (almond oil), Juglans regia oil (walnut oil), Vanilla powder, Real dar chocolate, Oil aroma.

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